Nirmal Ashram Gyan Daan Academy frames its School Almanac for every academic session. The school mentions various activities in the Almanac and conducts all of them as per the schedule given in it.
NGA has been successful in creating an atmosphere which ensures progress of students in every field. The School strives at imparting such a training to its students that they feel fully confident to compete in a health manner. In order to ensure maximum participation of students in maximum activities, the students have been divided into four Houses: Prahlad, Shravan, Luv & Kush. These Houses are under the tutelage of experienced and dedicated teachers. They constantly provide necessary guidance and motivation to the students so that they may hone their skills,excel in them and bring laurels to their respective Houses. More importantly , students are taught to be humble in victory and courageous in defeat.
The school , as per the almanac, conducts activities in three main fields. These are Literary, Health& Physical Education and Art & Craft. The main literary activities are English Debate, English Recitation, English Declamation, English Calligraphy, Hindi Debate, Hindi Recitation, Hindi Calligraphy, Hindi Orthography etc. In Health & Physical Education, the school organizes activities like Indoor Games, Volley ball, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Kho-Kho, Handball etc. The main activities of Art & Craft are Mehandi Competition , Rakhi Making Competition, Colouring Competition, Painting Competition, Paper Folding Competition etc.
All the Co-curricular activities are organized and conducted on Wednesdays as the students attend the School in White/House uniforms.