The whole world is full of competitions. A child enters the world of competitions after passing out school and college education. But the time he comes out of this arena, he realizes that he is not fully groomed and equipped to meet the challenges of day today life. Then he reminds of his teachers, elders and relatives, who would have advised him to devote more time and energy to make up the deficiency, improve and excel but he hardly paid any attention to it. And if he had paid full attention, he would have come up and found himself quite fit for facing the hardships and challenges of modern life.

There are various factors responsible for diverting a child’s attention from his noble path of study to a path which leads to nowhere but to total ruin, disrespect and destruction. The one major factor is the influence of cable TV. Today, a child has become much more addicted to TV and cable channels. He doesn’t bother that much for his study as for watching TV for a much longer duration. It’s my request to parents to have a proper check on it so that the study of their wards is not neglected and they devote required time for their study and academic improvement. Kindly make a balanced time-table of study hours for your wards and ensure that they follow it sincerely. If efforts are made from both sides, parents and teachers, we’ll definitely see the difference. We ought to advise and guide the young minds to tap their potentiality so that they shape themselves and come up as dignified personalities in their lives.

What is life? Most of you would reply that it is full joys and sorrows. Yes, I agree with it, but it has a different meaning and importance. Life is a test through which we make our place and position in the society. A human being who faces all sorts of joys, challenges, problems and difficulties of life with full patience, intelligence, calmness and presence of mind becomes a successful individual. A real life is one in which one follows all social and ethical norms and feels oneself equal to all and gives due importance and respect to all of them who come in contact with him while performing duties and shouldering the responsibilities.

Every good parent wants a successful life for his or her offspring. It is only possible when from the very beginning parents start inculcating good values, ethics and sanskaras in their upgrowing children. Parents are to educate their children that they must behave as per their culture and tradition. Children are to be instructed that they should dress up themselves decently and should not follow western culture or any odd looking style of any celebrity. If children are obedient and enjoy their life according to real Indian culture, it becomes a great helping hand for the parents and the teachers to mould their life as per their capabilities and desires. We expect all the parents to take care of all these things so that our country preserves its culture and greatness forever. If constructive efforts are made from both sides, parents and teachers, the children grow up as dignified individuals who face up all the challenges of life courageously and come out as successful and responsible personalities.

Every educational institution’s academic progress and fame depends on its teachers and students. If the teachers are well-versed with their teaching subjects and dedicated to their noble profession, students enjoy reading and learning activities. And when the students are devoted to their prime and foremost work of studies, it brings the thing of teaching and learning process on a right track. Students, then, perform in their exams as best as they could and attain remarkable achievement which, from all corners, is appreciated and applauded.

I am proud to have dedicated staff and devoted students in our institution NGA. I had been rendering my services as Senior Co-ordinator and PGT English for twelve years in NDS. Now I have been blessed by H. H. Mahant Ram Singh Ji Maharaj and Sant Jodh Singh Ji Maharaj to render my services as the Principal of NGA. Though there would have been many worthy aspirants ready for this ‘Sewa’, but I am highly elated to have received the blessings of both Maharaj Ji for this noble and pious service of leading a team of teachers and guiding my students not only to seek academic excellence but also groom themselves to become refined and successful human beings in their lives. I would always love to seek the blessings and guidance of Maharaj Ji to make NGA a pioneer institution.

I would also like to seek the valuable guidance of our learned Chairman Sir, S. Waryan Singh Ji and Education Directors, Dr. ( Col. ) Daya Singh Khera and Dr. Surjeet Singh Bhatti , to render my services to make NGA, the kind of an institution which earns name and fame all over the country.

Jai Hind! Jai Bharat !

Mr. Ranbir Singh Negi