TIME, if utilized properly, is man’s best friend. It helps one become a better person. By showing respect to Time one helps himself/herself become a successful person. One becomes better-organized and happier if one learns to value time. It is a well-known saying that time and tide wait for no one. Once you miss an opportunity things may never be what you would have liked them to be. Stay away from school for a day and you may never gain or obtain what you have missed. It is often said that those who do not value time, invariably, find themselves in the ‘dustbin’ of history. God helps those who help themselves- is a very old saying. Try to understand the true significance of the proverb. Opportunities come your way and it is, entirely, up to you to en-cash them or waste them. Any match can be won or lost by utilizing or wasting a single opportunity. Our boys and girls at NGA have been provided with a great opportunity by His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh ji Maharaj to become good, decent and successful men and women in life. By utilizing it in right or proper manner they can make their lives, and in case they fail to rise to the occasion they can mar their future. The aura prevailing on the campus is most conducive to self – improvement and enrichment. The teachers are engaged in the great task of imparting education – in true sense. Starting with three ‘r s’ the process goes on and may rightly be termed as never – ending. It is imperative for our students to imbibe these qualities. Besides being good at studies sincere effort has to be made to cultivate good manners. Knowledge helps in life. But lack of good manners can defeat you in life. First of all be aware of what they are and then make concerted efforts to inculcate and develop them. Be polite and take every care not to hurt others’ sensibilities by being rude or crude. By being crude you can successfully drive people away from you. People, who care for good manners, shun those who make no effort to be polite, decent or well-mannered. Do not be stingy or feel shy of using such words as : please, excuse me, I beg your pardon etc. If someone is speaking do not interrupt him/her. Let the person complete what he/she wishes to. Learn to develop the art of expressing your-self effectively and successfully. Remember the saying: Maximum sense in minimum words. We often come across men and women who do it the other way and it is a well-known saying that bad manners breed contempt. There was a time when people in schools and at public places were reminded of “Cleanliness is next only to godliness” and they did respond positively to it. You should take pride in practising and preaching it. Remember: spitting at public places and making the surroundings dirty and unhygienic is a SIN. Keep reminding yourself and your dear ones that you never commit it. Learn to help others in becoming better men and women. The beautiful surroundings and atmosphere should always keep reminding us that this is the best gift that could have ever been given to young boys and girls. The munificence and blessings of His Holiness Mahant Baba Ram Singh ji Maharaj and ever-inspiring presence and most effective leadership of Sant Jodh Singh ji Maharaj have consecrated the place to such an extent that it shall benefit its inmates the most. I commend the good work that is being done by Mr. Ranbir Singh Negi and his team of dedicated teachers to help the children make all – round progress.