House System In NGA

The word ‘House’ refers only to a grouping of pupils, rather than to a particular building. The House System exists to provide pastoral care of the students. In a world of economically weaker section of society, some children require schools to look after their basic physical, social and emotional needs. Learning can only take place when the needs of the students are being met.

NGA has been successful in creating an atmosphere which ensures progress of students in every field. The school strives at imparting such a training to its students that they feel fully confident to compete (of course in a healthy manner). In order to ensure maximum participation of students in maximum activities. The students have been divided into four Houses. Each House has been named after a legendary character drawn from our ancient literature, to provide perennial inspiration to the students from their lives and great acts. The Houses are LUV, KUSH , PRAHLAD & SHRAVAN. These Houses are under the tutelage of experienced and dedicated teachers who constantly provide the students necessary guidance and motivations so that they may excel and bring laurels to their respective Houses. Students are taught to be humble in victory and courageous in defeat.

School Appointments (2017 – 2018)

School Captain (Boy)

Mas. Chandan Kumar (XIIC)
School Captain (Girl)

Ms. Aisha Rawat (XIIA)
School Sports Captain

Mas. Aniket Prajapati (XIIB)
School Literary Captain

Ms. Kusum Pokhriyal (XIIB)







Head Boy

Mas. Abhishek Sharma (VA)
Head Girl

Ms. Anjali Kudiyal (VA)




Prahlad House


Ms. Ishika Arya (VB)

Mas. Ayush Uniyal (VB)




Shravan House


Ms. Mansi Tiwari (VA)

Ms. Jaspreet Kaur (VB)




Luv Luv House


Ms. Khushi Bhandari (VA)

Ms. Anshu Gupta (VA)




Kush House


Ms. Surbhi Barthwal (VA)

Mas. Rahul Sharma (VB)